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  About Iconic Signings
Iconic Signings is a website aimed towards sellers and retailers of 100% authentic hand-signed memorabilia.  Iconic Signings is responsible for organising private signings with stars and legends from the world of sport, as well as some great names from tv and film.  We are offering retailers the chance to pre-order from these signings at wholesale prices.  Iconic Signings does not sell to the public, but offers advertising space to the retailers and dealers who have joined our exclusive email list, so that customers can see the names of the retailers who have bought from our signings.

Iconic Signings has an exclusive email list of approved retailers and dealers.  Only those who have provided us with the full criteria will be eligible to receive our emails, exclusive offers, and pre-order details for each of our upcoming private signings.

For the moment, Iconic Signings will be concentrating on personalities from the world of sport, but in time will move into tv, film and entertainment.  Our contacts are growing continuously, and we now have the opportunity to hold signings with some of the biggest names in football, both current and former legends of the beautiful game!

Iconic Signings has been set up by two brothers, Mark and Keith McGlynn, with a passion for sport and the memorabilia associated with it.  We have been collecting / selling authentic hand-signed memorabilia for almost 20 years now, and in that time have worked with countless sporting personalities, attended many memorabilia shows and expos and have held hundreds of private signings.  We both feel that the beautiful hobby of collecting autographs has fallen foul to the forgers and conmen out there, who have destroyed it for many people.  We aim to put people's minds at rest when purchasing items from our private signings through the dealers we supply.  

Retailers who buy from us will receive photo proof of their items being signed and in turn can provide the proof to potential customers.  Proof is the only way we can prevail over the fakers, and we hope that Iconic Signings will ensure that 100% guaranteed authentic hand-signed memorabilia will prevail!

Please feel free to contact either of us by viewing our contact page.  We would love to hear from retailers on how we might be able to improve the service or website.  We would also welcome any comments or questions from the general public on any aspect of this website / service.


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